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Valley Business Network Terms & Conditions of Membership

VBN is a membership based business association owned and managed by SAV Enterprizes


Membership is open to business owners, professionals, independent contractors and company representatives.  Membership is to Valley Business Network, hereafter referred to as VBN.   The final decision in any matters relating to membership rests entirely with the Directors of VBN.

Membership is for named individuals only and is not transferrable without the express permission of VBN which shall not unreasonably be withheld. Should a member be unable to complete membership term purchased, no refund in whole or part shall be made.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are outlined on the website www.thevalleybusinessnetworkcom and are subject to change without prior notification. All membership fees are payable in full with the initial application. However in the event of non-acceptance of application, membership fees will be refunded.  The one (1) year membership term is automatically renewed in each subsequent year, unless notice of cancellation of membership is given, in writing, no later than 30 days prior to the renewal date. 

All membership fees paid are non-refundable unless application for Membership is rejected by VBN.

Intellectual Property

Submission to VBN of any articles, information, e-books and self-implementation guides constitutes implied permission for VBN to use said submissions in promoting VBN or www.thevalleybusinessnetwork.com.  No articles or information appearing in VBN materials or on www.thevalleybusinessnetwork.com may be copied, reuse, distributed, or sold without the express written permission of the author of said material.   VBN reserves the right to seek legal recourse if information is used in violation of this clause. 


Payment may be made by check, PayPal or credit card as indicated on www.thevalleybusinessnetwork.com.  If payment is made through the website such payment will be made in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the respective websites and payment service provider.

Cancellation of Membership

In the event a member wishes to cancel membership during a membership term, notice must be given in writing to VBN.  No fees are refundable.  Any unpaid fees for remainder of original membership term continue to be due on the regular due date until the term of agreement is completed.  At all times, members agree to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner.  VBN reserves the right to terminate a Member’s membership at any time, should the member violate or fail to comply with the terms and conditions of membership.  In the unlikely event that VBN decides or is requested to terminate a Member's membership, no membership fees are refundable.

Cancellation of Events

VBN reserves the right to cancel an event at any time. In the event of an event being cancelled an alternative event date may be offered and no refund of any event monies will be made.

Payment for events

VBN reserves the right to charge an entry fee to events in addition to the membership fee. Notice shall be given of any such fees in advance of events and published on our website.

Change of Speaker

VBN reserves the right to change the speaker advertised by VBN whether through the website www.thevalleybusinessnetwork.com or any other promotional material.


VBN reserves the right to expel any Member from VBN as a whole or any Member or guest at any time during an event, and to refuse entry to an event. In this event no fees will be refunded.


VBN cannot be held responsible for any accident, illness or injury (or allergic reaction) that occurs to any person whilst attending an event hosted by VBN.

VBN cannot be held liable for the loss of or damage to any person's personal or business items during an event.

Privacy Policy

Any personal data relating to Members will only be used by VBN in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Such personal data will be collected, processed and used by VBN or our agents or service providers for the purpose of registering Members application with VBN and facilitating any transactions which Members may enter into with VBN. VBN may also make use of such data for administrative purposes and future enhancement of services to meet Members needs as well as marketing, advertising and promotional purposes, which may include sharing the data with agents, partners, service providers or marketing companies.

If Members object to the use of their data in any of the ways mentioned here and/or they do not wish to be contacted by any of the methods referred to above then they should e-mail VBN at admin@thevalleybusinessnetwork.com. 

Members have the right to ask VBN for a copy of the information VBN holds on them, for which VBN may charge a small administration fee.

Associated Activities

VBN encompasses associated activities including but not limited to the provision of newsletter and case studies both in written form and posted on www.thevalleybusinessnetwork.com. Articles and items provided by way of associated activities are provided for information purposes only. VBN does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article or item content or views or opinions expressed within unless those views are stated to be the views of VBN, its Directors, officers or employees.

Inclusion of an article or submission of any item within associated activities does not imply recommendation of that person or businesses products or services by VBN or any of its officers or employees unless expressly stated.

Every effort is made to ensure that the details provided within associated activities are correct and not misleading however VBN cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions, conflict in information or actual service, or views and opinions provided by Members or visiting guests and associates. VBN is not party to any agreement made between Members and third parties.

VBN does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of any information posted on www.thevalleybusinessnetwork.com or the views or opinions expressed within by contributors.

VBN forums, blogs, discounts and market place listings are self-regulated by the members. As such VBN takes no responsibility for any of the content posted by the members and cannot be held legally responsible for any copyright infringement, passing off, offensive, damaging, libelous, or misleading information placed on the forum or market place listings. Should VBN be notified of any such material in existence on the website by members, prompt action to remove such content and block offending accounts shall be taken.  VBN shall not be liable to pay any damages on account of the presence of such material at any point and members participate and contribute entirely in the knowledge that they do so at their own risk on the basis that they are engaging with a self-regulating online community. Please refer to our terms of use, privacy policy and website terms and conditions

VBN cannot be held in anyway responsible for the security or safety of individuals should they decide to either personally conduct business with or arrange personal meetings with those they have met either online through our websites or at any event or meeting arranged by VBN.  Users engage with each other solely at their own risk.  VBN offers no guarantee as to the credibility, veracity or intentions of any individual within our network or membership.  VBN encourages members to act with standard caution and use due diligence procedures, in advance, should they wish to engage with other members or users.

VBN receives no financial incentive or reward from business conducted through user promotion on The Market Place.  VBN takes no responsibility for business deals, relationships, associations made or transactions instigated through listings or posts on the market place and forums and cannot validate the quality, credibility, ownership or authenticity of any of the products, services or member claims therein.

VBN cannot guarantee to reply to all requests submitted via www.thevalleybusinessnetwork.com although it will endeavor to do so.

VBN reserves the right to amend VBN Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice.

VBN reserves the right to terminate any membership of VBN at any time, if any Member breaches any of VBN Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use.

About us

The Valley Business Network was founded by small business owners who know what businesses face in today's climate.  Many changes have come to the business community over the last few years.  Our mission at VBN is to provide businesses innovative, cost/time-efficient ways to face those changes and prosper.  We do that by connecting the business community, providing professionals with much needed resources and listening to our member's challenges, concerns and suggestions.  We want to know what YOU need and what will benefit YOUR business.  We then work together with experts in each field to find the solutions. 

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