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Membership Options: 

Membership with VBN is for one year.  However, we know what professionals face in today's economy and offer several different options to accommodate them.  Our pricing is not dependant on how many employees you have, but on how many plan to be active within the Network.  If you will be the only one participating, choose individual membership.  If others in your office or business want to take advantage of our many benefits, choose the corporate membership level that fits. 

Both Individual and Corporate membership offers basic and premium options.  Basic membership allows you to take advantage of all Network benefits, but on the Alliance websites, only basic information is included (business name, physical address, phone number and description).  Premium membership allows us to market your business online for you.  You will receive your own webpage on all sites that fit your business, including links to your website, social media and email.  Your logo, photos and videos can also be added to your page, allowing visitors to find out more about you and contact you directly.  

Alliance websites marketed to the public: 

All memberships are for one year. 

Payment may be paid annually or spilt into monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually payments.

Membership automatically renews annually unless notice is given in writing 30 days before renewal date.    

*All memberships are for one year.  Memberships automatically renew annually unless written notice is given before 30 days before renewal date.  

About us

The Valley Business Network was founded by small business owners who know what businesses face in today's climate.  Many changes have come to the business community over the last few years.  Our mission at VBN is to provide businesses innovative, cost/time-efficient ways to face those changes and prosper.  We do that by connecting the business community, providing professionals with much needed resources and listening to our member's challenges, concerns and suggestions.  We want to know what YOU need and what will benefit YOUR business.  We then work together with experts in each field to find the solutions. 

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