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Women in Business Alliance

  • 06 Oct 2021
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Blended Online/In-Person Woody Anderson Ford



Blended Online/In-Person Woody Anderson Ford

You will receive a confirmation email after registration with the online meeting link.

Share and connect with other female professionals.  What works?  What are your challenges?  What are you doing to overcome those challenges?  Share tips, ideas, resources and support.   Learn from each other. 

If you have chosen the in-person option, you agree to the following: 

Event Terms - By Registering You Agree to the Following Terms: 

1)  You agree NOT to attend in person if you are sick or suspect that  you are getting sick, even if you  have registered for the in-person option.

2)  If you choose to attend in-person, you acknowledge that you will be meeting at a venue and possibly sitting at the same table with other members and visitors (social distancing will be observed) .  You agree to take full responsibility  for your attendance and any issues that may arise from it. 

3)  You are welcome to wear a mask during the entire event and take your food to go. 

4)  You agree to follow social distancing rules as much as possible at the event.  

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The Valley Business Network was founded by small business owners who know what businesses face in today's climate.  Many changes have come to the business community over the last few years.  Our mission at VBN is to provide businesses innovative, cost/time-efficient ways to face those changes and prosper.  We do that by connecting the business community, providing professionals with much needed resources and listening to our member's challenges, concerns and suggestions.  We want to know what YOU need and what will benefit YOUR business.  We then work together with experts in each field to find the solutions. 

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