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Pinterest Workshop

  • 28 Jun 2020
  • 3:00 PM
  • 31 Jul 2020
  • 5:00 PM
  • Online


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Pinterest Workshop

For anyone who missed the 1st Class.  Learn how to use Pinterest the right way to generate traffic.

All Online - Recorded From the Original Workshop

2 hour hands-on workshop

Complete this workshop on your schedule

Think Pinterest is just to create pretty boards when you're trying to get ideas for something??  Wrong.  It's one of the top social media sites.  43% of people who go on Pinterest are in the market to buy something, they're just looking for what they want.  I've included 2019 stats below.  If your business is at all visual, you need to have a presence there (home, health, events, e-commerce, etc)  Especially if you are not limited to selling in the local area (local is important, but with Pinterest, you have the potential to be seen nationally and internationally).  

In this workshop, you will learn how to set up your account the right way to attract customers, as well as how to use additional software to automate it.  

Pinterest 2019 Stats

Shopping is the top priority of 48% of why people use Pinterest

Gained over 70 million monthly active users in the last 12 months

Half of users are in the US

3rd largest social media in the US 

More popular with women, especially moms

43% of internet users have a Pinterest account

High income houses 2ce as likely to use Pinterest than lower income houses

More  than 2 billion searches on Pinterest every month

Related pins account for 40% of engagement (Pinterest includes things like what they're look at on the page, which means they click on it.  Other social media charges you to show up in related searches, Pinterest does it automatically)

77% of weekly users say they regularly discover new companies and brands on Pinterest

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